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When considering homeschooling, it can be very overwhelming deciding on a method or approach that will best serve your children and family. Discover your homeschooling method using this overview of the 9 most popular styles of homeschool.

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    Hi, I'm Deanna, mom of 2, homemaker, and lover of Jesus. Follow along for homemaking tips on all things womanhood, homeschool, and intentional living. Read more about me here.

    Deanna Gillis


    What you get:

    A short history lesson on the origins of today's traditional education system.

    This ebook also gives its readers a brief overview of the nine most popular styles of homeschool: traditional/school at home, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, project-based, Waldorf, unschooling, classical, unit study, and eclectic. Finally, you will work through six key components to create your own philosophy and decide which homeschool style speaks to you the most.

    What is it all about?

    Understanding the similarities and differences between homeschool styles can help you discover your personal homeschooling method. In this book, you not only learn about the nine most popular homeschool styles, but you also work through six key components for developing a method that works specifically for your children and family.